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The company Benish GPS is a leader of systems and solutions for effective and efficient operation of the fleet, scheduling and security of GPS technology for more than 26 years in the world market, and more than 10 years in the territory of Ukraine. Our company has introduced the most extensive and complex projects in this field in Ukraine.
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The company "RCS" since 1994 is engaged in the development and production in the field of telecommunications. Currently, the company is the market leader in monitoring and dispatching of transport in Ukraine, introducing a system of its own design and production of Teletrack. Our solutions enable more efficient use of the fleet due to the control of transport, route optimization, as well as reduce the cost of fuel, due to the control over its use, improve traffic safety and the safety of goods.  


In 2003, commissioned by Intel, the company Campos Creative Works made ​​a film about Cafe "Marm" (establishmed by Soft), as the first wireless cafes in Ukraine, where mobile devices are used to taking orders and keeping the restaurant business. In 2005 the company was invited to eSoft Intel Forum Ukraine.

In the same year, the company eSoft participated in Rhode Show organized by Intel in the city of Dnipropetrovsk. In alliance with Intel, the company eSoft developed and implemented a comprehensive solution for higher education institutions based on wireless technology.  


SATTRANS a national provider of remote monitoring of mobile and stationary objects.
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