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Planning and montoring

Transport Management System: "eSoftLogistics" (Desktop and Cloud versions)

"eSoftLogistic"®(desktop and cloud versions) effectively managing all aspects of the transportation - from planning through execution. Allows you to do it all - Plan, (route, load) Collect real-time data, (dispatch, GPS, driver and vehicle tracking) and analyze results through reporting, visualizes routes on mobile devices, visualizes routes on digital maps.

Increasing the average load. Reducing the number of vehicles. Reducing the fuel expenses.

Each program is completely integrated providing users with a seamless all-in-one solution.

Selection of optimal cost

Selection of the optimal delivery services

The system simultaneously analyzes multiple parameters of deliveries and offers the most optimal.

"Novaya Pochta", "Delivery", "InTime", "Meest-group" и тд.

Task management system


eTasks system designed for a comfortable and mobile task management for owners and managers of businesses using tablets, smartphones, desktops from any place and at any time.

The system is based on the experience of top managers of the largest companies in Ukraine.

Event management system


eEvents is a cloud-based event management platform.

eEvents offers software solutions to event planners for online event registration, event management, mobile interface.
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